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DOOO To-do Note for iPhone and iPad

DOOO To-do Note for iPhone and iPad


Sure, there are lot of similar apps related to create tasks and notes: 24me, abc Notes , Things and many others. Some of them are free. Some of them have integrated Facebook, so you could have reminder about friends birthday. Dooo To-do Note offers similar functionality, we few really cool features.

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First screen that will appear after you start app. Interface is intuitive and after looking at picture for 1-2 minutes, you are ready to start handling your notes and tasks.  Feature that really impressed me is reminder that can be set up to remind you repeatedly, every hour, day, week or month, separated for each task.

In this way you can be sure that task will not be only list of things that you keep forget to do :)
DOOO To-do Note Created note

You can use locations to add reminder or note related to location. You can also do voice recording and add it to note. All tasks that are not solved in 24 hours are moved to”unsolved” column. Task can be prioritized and forced to left in “today” column.

Off course, all tasks can be shared: you can send them by SMS or e-mail. Tasks that are voice recorded can also be sent through mail. App will create audio file with .caf extension.

If you are not satisfied with current app that handles your tasks and notes, you should definitely consider DOOO To-do Note.

Great functionality, simplicity and fast handling should be enough reasons to give chance to this great app!
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